With our experience in the plumbing services we would like to share some things with you, that can be very helpful and save you some money with your home plumbing! When you need plumbing services in Santa Rosa Beach, Destin or Fort Walton call us! With the fast growing population in the Santa Rosa Beach area it grows the plumbing needs of it's residents, we understand that and this is why we are expanding our staff all the time! Because of us the Santa Rosa Beach plumbing it's now easy! With the fast growing construction in the Santa Rosa Beach area the needs of plumbing services has grown as well, this is why we added more vehicles to our fleet and we grown our team of highly professional plumbers so we can respond in a timely matter to you - our customers!




  • Clogged Drains

The major plumbing maintenance problem confronting most homeowners is clogged drains or faucet repair.

The Kitchen Sink - some of the material most detrimental to the kitchen sink drain pipe are grease, cooking fats, butter, gravy, and coffee grounds. Those should Not be disposed of through the kitchen drain but should be discarded along with the regular household garbage . The stoppage usually occurs at the junction of the fixture drain pipe and the waste and vent pipe. The first practical step is to use a plunger, a flat rubber force cup with a handle. First, remove the basket strainer on the sink drain waste outlet. If the sink has two compartments, plug one waste outlet tightly with a rag to prevent loss of pressure. Place the force cup directly over the drain opening. The sink compartment should contain approximately 4 inches of standing water to provide the necessary seal so the force cup can take hold. Take a firm grip with both hands on the force cup handle and push down with a slow, even pressure. Then pull it up quickly and sharply several times. This will usually unstop most fixture drains when the stoppage is localized to one fixture. If still occurring problems with your home plumbing call us so you can experience the quality of our plumbing services in Santa Rosa Beach.


  • Clogged Aerator

Causes of reduced or lost water pressure. 

           Nearly all combination lavatory and sink faucets have aerator at the end of the spout . The aerator blends air with the water, thus conserving water and preventing it from splattering. The aerator has several fine screens inside it and those may became clogged. Remove the aerator to clean the screens. First wrap the outside with adhesive tape to keep from marring the chrome finish. Then turn the aerator counterclockwise to remove it. Take out the screen and thoroughly clean them until all debris is removed. Then reassemble exactly as before. Tighten the aerator enough to prevent water from seeping out around the threads. Then remove the tape.

 As always, we are here to help, we will be happy to walk thru and questions you may have. If you need a plumber in Santa Rosa Beach call our company!


  • Water Heater Maintenance

            If your water heater doesn't work as well as it used to, or you hear a rumbling sound coming from water heater, are a indication that lime and sediment has build up on the bottom of the tank. What you hearing is water that is trapped in the sediment and is boiling. Sediments will not allow the heat to transfer to the water in tank, which sends the heat up the flue. Draining the heater at least once every year, helps remove the sediments. This is done by attaching a drain hose to the valve at the bottom of the tank. Allow it to drain until the water runs clear.

             Warning:  Whenever a water heater must be drained, the electric power or the gas supply source must be shut off first. Only then should the water supply be turned  off. Many newer models of water heater have a new feature that prohibits the buildup of sediments in tank. If your water heater is an older model, it may be cost effective to replace the water heater if the build up is severe. Time for a new water heater? Let Master Plumbing Works to make the right choose for you, and check out our coupons for your savings. Our plumbers in Santa Rosa Beach can offer you really good and affordable offers!


  • Water Hammer

            Water hammer is a banging noise emitted when a faucet is closed quickly and the flow of water is suddenly stopped. The cause of water hammer is air lost from the air chambers. It may affect the entire water system, but it is generally isolated to either the hot or the cold water line or to a particular bathroom. To correct the water hammer shut off the main house valve and open one or more outside faucets. Then open all faucets, hot and cold, inside the home for a few minutes. This allow the water in the pipes to drain from the system and permits air to fill the pipes. After the water has stopped draining through the outside faucets, close them and all inside faucets. Then open the house valve. As water refills the pipes, the air will be pushed back into the air chambers again. If you are not able to handle your home plumbing issues contact us today to schedule affordable plumbing services in Santa Rosa Beach.


  •  Cleaning Discolored Fixtures

        No matter how dingy the fixture look, never attempt to remove stains with scouring powder or pads. These destroy the glaze. Instead, clean fixtures with any fine-grained cleaning powder or with liquid cleaner. Stained tubs or sinks may be whitened by filling the fixture with warm water and adding some chlorine bleach. For best results let this stand for several hours. If the water source is a well, a water softener should be used. It improves the water`s taste and color and removes most of the staining agents from the water, especially iron. Iron stains porcelain fixtures a deep reddish brown, which is practically impossible to remove without damage to the fixture finish. Vinegar is usually effective on stubborn mineral stains. Soak a pad in vinegar and place it directly over the stain for an hour or longer. Rust stains sometimes respond if you rub the area with a fresh slice of lemon. If stain do not respond to these efforts and heavy-duty cleaner must be used, follow the instructions on the label carefully to avoid damaging the porcelain finish. As well if you need a faucet repair we can help you with that!


Our plumbing services can fix all the issues mentioned above, as well many others, so if you decide that want the highest quality service performed at your place call us! If you need plumber in Santa Rosa Beach area just give us a call! We understand how important is for you to have running water, this is why we are always fast in what we do!



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